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Ring Holders

How to remove the ring holder?

You can remove the ring holder using your fingernail or a plastic card. Carefully lift one edge of the sticker, slowly peel it back, applying gentle and even pressure to avoid damaging the surface underneath. If the sticker is difficult to remove, yo

Are ring holders reusable?

Yes, however to ensure the ring holder is highly reliable, we recommend limiting the number of times it is resticked.

Are ring holders magnetic?

No, ring holders are not magnetic. They are designed with an adhesive backing that allows them to securely attach to the back of a phone case.

Are ring holders compatible with MagSafe?

No, ring holders are not compatible with MagSafe. The presence of an ring holder can interfere with the magnetic attachment and alignment required for MagSafe accessories.

Can I use a ring holder with wireless charging devices?

It is not recommended to use a ring holder when charging with a wireless charger. The ring holder creates a barrier between the wireless charger and the phone which may impact charging efficiency.