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Does the wireless charger work with my phone?

Our wireless chargers are only compatible with Qi-enabled devices. It means that the charger will work effectively and efficiently only with devices that support the Qi standard. However, wireless chargers will not work with MagSafe cases. The reason

How does the wireless charger work?

The wireless charger has to be plugged into an electrical outlet or any other power source (for example, a computer) in order for it to work. Since the wireless charger has a Type-C port, you can use whichever USB to Type-C or Type-C to Type-C cable

Does the wireless charger support fast charging?

Yes, our wireless chargers support fast charging (for both iPhone and Samsung phones - 15W). However, the fast charging depends on the power adapter. If you want to reach 15W peak power, we suggest using 9V/2.22A or 9V/2.56A and higher power adapters