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What is BURGA VIP Lounge and how can I join?

BURGA VIP Lounge is a loyalty program where you are rewarded every time you shop, refer friends, and review BURGA products. New customers can create an account to join for free.

What can I redeem with BURGA points?

You can redeem points for discounts and free express shipping vouchers:. Each tier has unique benefits—higher up the tier, better the perks and more points!

How do I maintain my VIP Lounge status level?

Once you reach the Ruby level, you will be able to enjoy all its benefits for 12 months unless your spending increases or you earn more points and move up to Diamond level.

How do I move up a tier level?

All you need to do is earn more points.

How do I earn more points?

Make a purchase: earn 5 points when you spend $1 on https://burga.com. Add your birthday : earn 100 (Emerald), 200 (Ruby), or 300 (Diamond) points on your birthday! Enter your birth date on your account page.Follow us on Instagram: earn 50 pointsLike

Can I redeem multiple voucher codes in one transaction?

No, only one voucher code can be redeemed at a time. If you have multiple codes in your account, you can choose which code you want to redeem at checkout.

What does pending points status mean?

The status of pending means that your points are currently going through an approval period (14 days). Once the approval period is finished, these will become approved points.

Why have my points been deducted?

If you see that your points have been deducted, it may be because you returned the order that earned you the points or it could be that the points have expired after 12 months.